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Movie Series - Custom Dumbledore Pen - Harry Potter

Movie Series - Custom Dumbledore Pen - Harry Potter

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This one of a kind pen is a must have for Harry Potter fans.  This handcrafted rollerball pen was made using Scots Pine from Eilean na Moine.  Eilean na Moine is an enchanting island set in the freshwaters of Loch Eilt.  This beautiful place served as some of the darkest Harry Potter scenes in Scottland.  This particular island is Dumbledore's final resting place and where Voldemort stole the Elder Want in the final scene of The Deathly Hallows Part 1.  

The wood has been dyed to enhance the grain and features a 2011 United Kingdom postage stamp.  This pen is truly a piece of art and a pen sure to be a conversation starter.  So whether you are a collector of Harry Potter Memorabilia or just love owning unique things, this pen is for you!

This pen comes with a case box and certificate of authenticity.  

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