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Handmade Vegetable Peeler is

Handmade Vegetable Peeler is

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Everyone needs a vegetable peeler in their kitchen, so why not make it a beautiful and handmade one? Whether you are peeling veggies on the regular or breaking it out yearly for your Thanksgiving mashed potatoes, you'll find that this peeler is the perfect addition to your kitchen. When you are finished using it each time, simply unscrew the handle, put the metal peeler in the dishwasher, then reattach the handle after the wash. To clean the handle, wipe down with mild soapy water and dry thoroughly (don't let wood soak in water and don't leave it wet).

Total measurements of the vegetable peeler are around 7 3/4" long and 2 1/2" wide. Choose from the different wood choices pictured. Keep in mind that every piece of wood is different. No two will look exactly alike!

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